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Here is a taste of the music you will be hearing from us!


released January 24, 2014

Written by Brandon Hillard. Produced by Tate Music Group.



all rights reserved


Chronotos Nashville, Tennessee


chronotos adj.\ˈkrō-nō- ˌtōs\

1 : of, resembling, being affected by time

A fresh blend of energetic pop rock. Influenced by Cartel, Paramore, and Yellowcard, Chronotos consists of music that spreads positivity and encourages hope for a better tomorrow to all of its listeners.
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Track Name: Time Travel
This time I promise things will be brighter than before
It’s time we open up and walk into that door
I’ve never been so nervous in my life
Somehow, I know that things will be okay
Tell me there’s something more and nothing’s wrong with change
When I come back home will you be the same

I’m ready to journey on this road
Can’t promise you exactly where I’ll go
Time travels right before our eyes
I’m not ready to say goodbye

Life won’t stop ticking away
At every memory I want to stay
Don’t replace the friends I’ve made
If I told you that I have to leave
Do you promise you’d wait for me
I need to come back home to something I know

I’m ready to leave my mark
I’ll give this all of my heart
This fire don’t let it burn out
We don’t have a shadow of a doubt
Track Name: Doppelganger
Hello there my good sir
Have I met you before
You remind me of innocence. Some kind of jubilance
I shared with a special someone
It has been way to long
You had left me on my own
I’ve been trying to grow stronger; you can’t do this for much longer
Pretty soon life will catch up to you

Mister mystery
Whoa there with your trickery
You change your ways and we all know you’re a
I can hear your whispers
Can you speak any louder

Here we go again, there you are
Everywhere I go, I can’t go far without seeing your face again. It keeps replaying
Back and forth in my head
Though honestly I don’t care much about
Whom next you will clutch onto and then
Go and tell them what to do, I can see right through
All of the things that you do

Why so blue
I’m not missing you
These words I say are true. Why don’t you
Show us who you are
You’re not gonna get far
With all of the bluffing you do
Track Name: Oh, Agony!
Are you sure this is the last time
Cause last time you filled me up with lies
And you swore it’d never happen again
And I believed
You’re faker than these laughs I make
If only you’d just awaken
To see your double-sidedness
And just drop the rest

You don’t know what you want
Do you, do you
I can see right through you
Through you, who knew
Your fragile lies are so paper-thin
And I should have known it when I walked in
You don’t know what you want
Do you

You fickle-minded monster you
You’re about as dense as a four-by-two
Why can’t you open up
But you keep all your doors shut
You said this is what you wanted
But I had to start it up
Now look who’s getting ahead
You should’ve listened to what I said

Those words you spoke were just recycled
From that bin of falseness
I know I’m better off
Just being selfless
When it comes to helping me
Because you were only holding me back down
I needed to break free

Oh, you don’t know what you want
Track Name: Remember Me
Another day goes by
We haven’t said a word
I’ve never been this uneasy
With having things not work
Just please remember me
Wherever you may go
Because you don’t know what you’ve got
‘til you’ve lost the one you love the most

Teenage dreams and young temptations gone awry
Won’t you ever think of me again tonight

This here is the first time
I’ve ever lied this loud
I promised you I would be true
That I would be around
But I have never shown up
And neither have you
But I was wrong, it won’t be long
Until the skies turn blue
Track Name: The Day The World Began Again
Sweet, sweet serenade I breathe
It’s the birds, and it’s the bees I believe
Peace, peace around the world today
These are the words I say, I say

We meet again
As if world has ended
We need to stop pretending
That it is this hard
Tell me when
The world begins again
So we won’t defend
Ourselves in pride
And we ask ourselves
What are we doing here
Why do we say these words
We know aren’t sincere

I remember when
We put this to an end
When we were so called friends
So long ago
Well that was then
And I’ve lost my sight again
That light that shines within
Will guide the way

Guide the way, release this pain
I promise you hear me and all I say
I’ll be okay, but just stay safe
Tomorrow will come, a better day
Track Name: Heartbreaker
Can you say my name
Or does it still bring you pain
Sorry for the way I left you

Do you remember those days
Now all that’s left is a haze
So thick that you cannot shine through

Too many nights awake
Waiting for that one day
When I promised I’d be with you

We were so young back then
I don’t know when things will change
Time just won’t let me forget you

And I know that I was wrong
But I’ll still keep moving on
So that I can get away from you
I just wish that I had stayed
Now you’re gone and we’re estranged
No there’s nothing more to say or do
We both know that this won’t change
We can never be the same
Just know that I will always miss you

Yeah you’ll always be the one
Who shines brighter than the sun
You will never dim or fade away
All I ever wanted here
Is found in your heart my dear
All I need is you to give your all
Listen to me here right now
We’d be better off somehow
If we found a way to let things go
To my God each night I pray
In your eyes I wish to stay
But I know we’re better off this way
Track Name: Change In Focus
Open your eyes
(Can you see what I’m seeing? Through these lenses can you see what I’m seeing?)
Open your eyes
(Do you see what I’m seeing? Change the angle; do you see what I’m seeing?)

I miss when things, when things they stayed the same
I miss when I was always in the game
Our lives keep spinning, spinning round and round
From which I can’t see from off the ground
I can’t tell what’s right or wrong
It’s hard to know what to believe
After all, I’m not so strong
Is this a dream or reality

I shift the angle and the perspective to my own
I’m seeing clearer and filtering things I don’t condone
Now I’m singing louder than I’ve ever sung before
We’ll make this our song, so maybe time we can restore
Maybe time we can restore and all the things that we adore
Maybe time we can restore. Can we go back to before?

So every day now I’m learning things anew
So out of focus, I couldn’t hear you
But things are different now; I can stand here on my own
Times are changing; don’t want to have to let you go
Where do I go now? My life is tied up at crossroads
I’m barely breathing. What’s left? And there goes all I know
So I’m singing louder than I’ve ever sung before
We’ll make this our song and maybe time we can restore (Open your eyes)
Track Name: Say Hello
This is the darkest hour where all the lies come true
Say hello to deceitful powers where they’re all using you
This is the way we live like we’re blinded souls
Their words they will misgive and then we’ll pay the toll

Say hello to this new life of distrust and strife
Where everyone holds secrets back against the light
Say hello to manipulation and lack of concentration
Where everyone believes that it’s alright
Say hello

Passing through the day with no sense of our own
When all we see will persuade the path we choose to go
So many things you don’t know but still want to find out
The signs are there you know but what will you do now

When this all ends how can we fix ourselves
With life so broken how will we fix it, how
When this all ends how can we fix ourselves
With life so broken how will we fix it, how